Pasta, the Simpler Food

There is surely no other that could be simpler. Pasta, the national dish of Italy yet eaten all over the world, is made from just durum wheat flavor and water, and sometimes enriched with egg or oil. But although it may be the simplest food, it is probably the most varied. It comes in over 650 different shapes and sizes, and can be flavored by herbs, spinach or tomato. To add to the confusion, names can vary from one manufacturer to another and, in Italy, vary from region to region, so what might be fetuccine in one region might be pappardelle in another!

With such a variety available, pasta is a very versatile food that can be served hot or cold in many dishes, including not only main meals but soups, appetizers and light meals. Since types of pasta are specially designed for soups, as they cook in short time. These include small rings of arellini, small shells of conchigliette, small butterflies of farfalline, and stars of stelline, along with many more.
In Italy, pasta is served as a first course, and although this may seem rather substantial to those not used to it, it is because servings are small nad may be followed by a simple broiled fish, without numerous accompaniments.

Of all the pasta dishes in the country, spaghetti with meatballs is probably the most loved. However, it isn't an authentic Italian dish at all - in Italy they would never serve so much meat with their pasta. When it comes to choosing a variety of pasta to serve with a particular sauce, suggestions are given in the recipes. What is important is that the pasta isn't drowned in the sauce There should be just enough sauce to coat it lightly and not leave a
pool on the plate once the pasta has been eaten. Finally, don't overlook the quickest pasta sauce that you can make because it is often the simple things in life that are the best!

The majority of baked pasta dishes, the two most well-known perhaps being lasagna and macaroni and cheese, have one thing in common which is that the ingredients are prepared or cooked separately and then assembled in the dish just before baking in the oven. Pasta, other ingredients such as meat, cheese or vegetables and a sauce are the typical components.

The Italians even have a name for these baked dishes - it is called pasticci. Many baked pasta dishes are traditional dishes, since pasticci were often served at banquets as far back as the 18th century. In those days they were known as timbali, but today the word timballo is used to describe a baked dish that is served turned out of its dish.

These baked pasta dishes are substantial and are therefore suitable for serving as a main meal. They are also ideal for buffet parties when feeding a large number of people, as they are easy to serve and can be eaten with a fork. All that is needed to accompany them is a fresh green salad. ^_^


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