The Bo's Coffee Club Experience

Last Thursday, June 18, I had my experience in my first target coffee shop. The café is the Bo's Coffee Club, as I remembered the owner of the said café is based in Mindanao, so the café originated in the Philippines. The branch is located at The Block in SM North EDSA. The place is good and it satisfy the customer's point of view whenever they want to drink coffee.

Since we were there, we bought their coffee. Mine was a cappuccino and it tastes good, and it satisfy me. I enjoyed their coffee together with my childhood friend Thogz. I also took pictures of the café with my Nokia 5300 with a 1.3 megapixels camera. Unfortunately, it wasn't that good as you see it.

It took me some time to finish off my drink and after that we headed to Krispy Kreme to also buy a coffee because Thogz don't like the coffee in Bo's, I wonder why. And so I would like to drink some coffee again at Bo's because it is so much relaxing when you drink a cup of coffee. Maybe you should try it too.


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