Let's Have A Toast!

Having a toast in a celebration does not necessarily mean that there is something to celebrate. It means that sometimes we have to toast as a traditional manner that we are used to do especially when we are drinking. I, for now, didn't have that kind of manner because I am just drinking in the streets, I mean, I am drinking in gatherings and not-so-important parties. We are used to drink even if there is nothing to celebrate.

I am used to go to celebrations like the after-party, graduations, birthdays, reunions and other casual gatherings. When I am drinking I just choose the ones that are of great taste. I mean, if I were to drink, I will choose the best wine available in that party. That wine will be stuck in my mind for a long time because of its taste.

In the past years, I had been tasting so many alcoholic drinks like red wine, tequila, beer, vodka and other hard drinks. Hard because it's the way we call it. The word hard means that the drink have a high percentage of alcohol. I also have this habit that I always keep in mind the brands of the alcoholic drinks that we take like for example are the local ones like Fundador Brandy, Gran Matador Brandy, Emperador Brandy, Cossack Vodka, Generoso Brandy (the one that I drink when it was my first time), Red Horse Beer, and San Miguel Light Beer, the foreign ones would be Red Label. As what have you red, I am used to drink brandies because that are the ones that we always drink. I am also fond of drinking wines such as Novelino Red and White wine.

As I become a young adult, I am starting to drink social wines. Maybe in my future I would become a wine specialist, who knows? So, all I need to do now is to keep this up and just drink the good ones.

Drink moderately.


FT said...

bigyan kita ng book about wine, gusto mo?

Anonymous said...

bigay?? libre?? cge lang

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